OGM produces recycled aluminum accessories made in Italy. The laboratories combine
industrial processes and unconventional aestheticsto transform waste materials
into contemporary unisex jewelry.

Inspired by an unreal world

OGM creatures emerge from the desire to create beauty from recycled materials.
They are strange beings moulded in aluminium, privileged with an upbeat style, full of irony.
Two dimensional forms brought to life through imagination, born in the OGM Laboratories, within which industrial processes meet the purest forms of design aesthetics:
experimentation, industrial technique, research and artistic inspiration merge, creating the most bizarre of accessories, whilst being sustainable.

Ethically Modified

To transform discarded raw material into objects of design, to draw inspiration from that which is eco-friendly, and to tell a tale of diversified authenticity
through irony and a deepened sense of imagination are the cardinal pillars OGM is built on. Every project carried out in the OGM laboratories is a hymn to the
Made in Italy culture, and to that of imagination that then becomes reality. OGM represents a space dedicated to innovation and creativity;
it exalts the expressive power recycled materials possess, and then reinvents those very materials in a contemporary, and techno-chic form.

The metamorphosis of the material

In the OGM laboratories aluminium, a completely recyclable and naturally hypoallergenic element, is moulded using an industrial process:
the pieces that are semifinished are melted and fused, to then be strained and extruded into coiled metallic bobbins inn thread form from which the preparatory plates are obtained.
Following the creative process generated by the OGM designers, the chosen designs are carved into the plates using laser cutting techniques,
to then be given their finishing touches and immersed in an acidic solution allowing each piece to be anodized.
It is through this procedure that OGM accessories come to life.



OGM gives a new form of life to waste materials,
promoting a sustainable way of life,
through design accessories.



The OGM accessories capture the true essence
of contemporaneity,using creativity and imagination
to portray fashion from an new point of view.



Industrial design meets true esthetic and the
Made in Italy artisanal standards. OGM means
attentiveness to each and every detail.



Whomever wears the OGM charms promotes a nonconventional,
free, and authentic way of life with respect to
each difference we encounter.