Cosmogonic concerns the origin of either the cosmos or the universe: it is the beginning of the OGM natural and wild territory. Unconventional creatures living between the human, floral and animal world are the protagonists of an oniric generation of beings. Stylized flowers and animals were mixed in the laboratories to create unreal hybrids. These OGM creatures come from the desire to extract poetry from aluminum waste materials: each bidimensional piece expresses love, peace, happiness, fierceness, masculinity, and ambiguity. These are the tales of a prosperous swallow which fly propeller is her loving heart tail, a kinky rooster who appreciates unconformity and unashamed of his origins walks his way with high heels, a dachshund tired of looking at the world by below decides to have angel wings to take off and discover it from above. Ironic, extravagant and unique, the OGM species populate a reality which manifests only in dreams.